Samson 420kg powered, tracked stairclimber

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Samson powered, tracked high capacity 420kg stairclimber

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With a capacity of up to 420 Kg, the Samson Powered Stair Climber allows one person to transport heavy loads up and downstairs. It maintains balance when climbing with a self-levelling platform. The Samson has the added benefit of moving easily on a flat surface with the powered tracks. Samson has a cabled remote control which can detach from the main unit and control it from a distance. This is particularly useful where there is a small landing. It is suitable for the transport of large items like vending machines, pianos, big safes, gas cylinders, boilers,  building materials, engines, security check machines, etc.

  • Load capacity :Up to 420 Kg
  • Longer battery life:Samson can climb 1400-1600 steps per  charge
  • Easy and safe:Stop anywhere on stairs and Samson will not move.
  • Self-Levelling:Load balances automatically or it can be adjusted by the operator
  • Save manpower and time:Rotate 360° on the flat floor with 4 universal castor wheels which retract when climbing.
  • Caterpillar track:high strength rubber caterpillar band
  • Accessories:suitable for loading/unloading machine with a load. There is a load lifting accessory which raises items allowing Samson to slide under the item.
Net Weight92kg
Battery Capacity78-100floors
Climbing speed10-16steps/min
Battery TypeLithium Battery
Weight of Battery3.2kg
Charging Time4.5hours
Charging Voltage100V-240V
Step specheight ≤21cm;  Tilt Angle ≤37°
Turning radius1500mm
Noise Level<70dB
Protect LevelIP54
Overall Size1620*614*1030mm