Nimble Super Light Stair Climbing Hand Trolley

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Stair Climbers Nimble, super lightweight versatile hand trolley.

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The Stair Climbers Nimble is our super lightweight (only 14kg) motorised stair-climbing hand trolley designed for loads of up to 70kg.

The rubber tracks provide great versatility and can be used on all types of stairs.  The tracks are retracted into the frame when not in use for stair climbing purposes. The Nimble can be folded into a compact unit which is easy to carry, easy to load into the back of a van or car and easy to use. 

The Nimble can also climb around 1300-1500 steps on a single charge so no need to carry a second battery or charge the battery in the vehicle.

The Nimble is ideal for parcel and supermarket deliveries.



Model: Nimble

Main material: aluminium alloy 

Net weight: 13.6kg 

Battery type: lithium battery 

Weight of Battery: 1.3kg 

Working voltage: 48V 

Capacity: 70kg 

Charging time: 1 hour 

Battery capacity: 3060floors 

Noise: < 80dB 

Climbing speed: 3050steps/min 

Brake: No 

Protection level: IP54 

Step height: <210 mm 

Overall Size: 1405mm*490mm*437mm 

Fold Size: 1000mm*490mm*185mm