Lifter 2-in-1 stairclimbing trolley and platform lift

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The Lifter is a new type of stair climbing hand trolley incorporating a platform lift. This feature offers an advanced level of functionality.

As a stair climbing hand trolley, Lifter can move 170kg up and down the stairs easily and quickly. It has the same gravity activated brakes found in the Atlas model and shares many features with this model.

In addition to its stair-climbing abilities, it has a platform which can be raised or lowered by the touch of a button. The platform can raise an item up to 1m off the ground. It can also lift itself into a van, ute or truck which eliminates the need for a tail-lift or a ramp. The platform lift can also be raised or lowered to change the centre of gravity and make ascents or descents easier. This is particular useful for heavy items such as printers and photocopiers.

Usage Example

To show how Lifter may be used, think of an electrician who delivers and installs ovens. The sequence is as follows:

  1. An oven is collected from the warehouse and loaded onto van using platform lift.
  2. Trolley lifts itself firstly, into and secondly out of the van at destination
  3. Platform lift removes the oven from the van.
  4. Lifter carries the oven upstairs in a two-storey house.
  5. The platform lifts the oven,  which is connected to power and then installed.
  6. The Lifter is taken back downstairs and lifts itself back into the van.

All this is done with no deadlift of the oven or the trolley. Great for your back!


  • 170kg lift capacity.
  • Powered stair climbing hand truck with a gravity activated braking system
  • Made of an intensive aluminium alloy.
  • Two-speed stair climbing. 17 steps per minute- 34 steps per minute.
  • Long-lasting powerful 48V motor. Maintenance-free.
  • 1200-1500 steps on one charge- 55 flights of stairs in a commercial building!
  • Superfast 3 hour recharging time- (no need for 2nd battery)
  • The battery can be recharged 500 times (750,000 steps!)
  • The power indicator on the battery
  • Low noise level- <70DB.
  • IP 54 protection- showerproof.
  • Works on winding and straight stairs (not spiral).
  • Pneumatic tyres -254mm(10 inch) in diameter.
  • Optional large toe plate available.
  •  Toe-plates are hinged for easier storage and transport.
  • An adjustable handle which can be locked in different positions to suit the load.


  • Height: 1390mm
  • Width:   585mm
  • Min thickness: 650 mm
  • Weight 54.8kg