“Atlas RSW” Top of the range does the lot Stair Climbing Trolley with Brakes and Retractable Support Wheels!

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Atlas Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trolley with Brakes and Retractable Support Wheels.

Video shows Sala which has same climbing action

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The Atlas RSW allows loads to rest on the Retractable Support Wheels making it like a dolly. It is useful for heavy loads or when loads must remain on the trolley for a period without being moved. It reduces strain on operators and provides a higher level of safety.

The operator uses foot to engage/disengage the Retractable Support Wheels.

The addition of the RSW also adds a stationary brake. Brakes are on each of the castors.

Specifications for the Atlas RSW are similar to those of the Atlas. Please note,  the RSW  adds 3 kgs to the overall weight.