Material Handling

Our products incorporate the latest assistive robotic technology with two methods used to ascend and descend stairs.
The hand trucks (trolleys) use rotating paddles.
The stair climbing dolly uses rubber tracks.
All products are battery powered, portable and can lift between 169 -180 kg.
Most products weigh less than 27kg, with many fitting in the boot of a car.
None require any type of personal installation and require little or no maintenance .
All products come with a two year guarantee on the frame and one year for batteries.

Stair Requirements

Stair must be at least 60cm wide and each step should be less than or equal to 21 cm in height. Return landings must be at least 120 cm square to allow units to turn. If stair climbing units carry larger loads, larger areas may be required.

The stair climbers will work on hard and securely carpeted surfaces. They cannot be used on stairs where the carpet is not properly secured.

The track style stair climber will only work on straight stairs. The paddle style will work on stairs with a slight curve but not on a tight spiral staircase- Check tyre dimensions against the shortest width of tread.

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